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List of registered pilots

Registration is closed! The following is the list of pilots registered in the 2007 Caribbean XC Challenge!

Names Nation
Kathryn Wakeman United Kingdom - UK P
Simon Burnell United Kingdom - UK P
Christophe Bernad France - FR P
Tom Rogie Belgium - BE P
Alexander Berardi United States - US P
Bill Bredehoft United States - US P
Darwin Gattini United States - US P
Michael Riley United Kingdom - UK P
Pedro Juan Rodriguez United States Minor Outlying Islands - UM P
Anna Kay Von Dueszlen Jamaica - JM P
Jurgen Von Dueszlen Jamaica - JM P
Fabrizio Cavadini Italy - IT P
Andrea Zappa Italy - IT P
Renato Botta Italy - IT P
Brian Pushman United Kingdom - UK P
John Caston United Kingdom - UK P
Wendy Griffiths United Kingdom - UK P
Hubert Meier Germany - DE P
Randy Parkin Canada - CA P
Peter Claghorn Canada - CA P
Peter Longstaff United Kingdom - UK P
Olive Montel France - FR P
Bruce Busby Canada - CA P
Pino Mambretti Italy - IT P
Veronica Dubak Canada - CA P
Oscar Skold Canada - CA P
Catherine Pirard Belgium - BE P
Adrian Leppard England - GB P
Keith Eaton United Kingdom - UK P
Jamie Wilson United Kingdom - UK P
Tom Kane United Kingdom - UK P
Woodie Beardsley United States - US P
Keith Clapson United Kingdom - UK P
Tanya Ephgrave United Kingdom - UK P
Roberto Mc Lean Argentina - AR P
Josquin Dehaene France - FR P
Luigi Vigano Italy - IT P
Jens Rehahn Germany - DE P
Alessandro Farrari Italy - IT P
Dale Covington United States - US P
Jan Hooyberghs Belgium - BE P
Andrew Shepherd United Kingdom - UK P
Stuart Dyer United Kingdom - UK P
Carl Senecal Canada - CA P
Sebastian Benz Switzerland - CH P
Alex Heron United Kingdom - UK P
Nick Roberts United Kingdom - UK P
Steve Parsons United Kingdom - UK P
Walter Scott United States - US P
Johan Lilliehook Switzerland - CH P
Regis Baudiaux France - FR P
Karen Venot Venezuela - VE P
Andrew Davies United Kingdom - UK P
Will Cove United Kingdom - UK P
John DiChiara United States - US P
Remo Kutz Germany - DE P
Andrea Gilardoni Italy - IT P
Jean Lizounat Regourd France - FR P
Daniel Crespo Valdez Spain - ES P
Roberto Manganoni Italy - IT P
Frank Staniland England - GB P
Greg Boyd Canada - CA P
Lewis Tonkinson United Kingdom - UK P
Erik English Canada - CA P
David Boueres United States - US P
David Corbin Canada - CA P
Greg Solvbjerg Canada - CA P
Stefano Montanelli Italy - IT P
Christian Saint Sernin France - FR P
Luis Ameglio Panama - PA P
Eric Floch Guadeloupe - GP P
Terry Bono United States - US P
James Whitehurst Virgin Islands (U.S.) - VI P
Piers Nesbitt United Kingdom - UK P
Randy Campadore United States - US P
Chris Norville United States - US P
Stefan Mitrovich United States - US P
Mark Gibbins United Kingdom - UK P
Andrew Rastall United Kingdom - UK P
Michael Henning United States - US P
Sylvelie Bernasconi France - FR P
Pierre Therer Belgium - BE P
Jack Clark United Kingdom - UK P
Pedro Tirado Dominican Republic - DO P
Meredyth Malocsay United States - US P
Ricardo Tejada Dominican Republic - DO
Bastian Egli Dominican Republic - DO
Benjamin Egli Dominican Republic - DO
Thierry Moreau Belgium - BE P
Pierre Fromonteil France - FR P
Helen Hawkings Dominican Republic - DO P
Martin Church United Kingdom - UK P
Marco Conticelli Italy - IT P
Laurent Massot France - FR P
Patrick Leclercq Dominican Republic - DO
Daniel Hendrickson United States - US P
Michael Walsh Ireland - IE P
Jamie Fisher United States - US P
Georges Thevenet Dominican Republic - DO
Giovanni Salerni Italy - IT P
Giorgio Dadola Italy - IT P
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